About Titans Aquatic Swim Team

About Us.

The Titans Aquatic swim Team was born of the need " to create a challenging and nurturing environment in supporting our swimmers to achieve the excellence in competitive swimming and translate the  learning experience in swimming into real life.  the experience at Titans Aquatic Swim Team (T.A.S.T.) will build a lifetime-enduring ethic for our swimmers and enable them to succeed in their future endeavors."  Since its formation in 2013, this non-profit organization has been playing a vital role promoting the sport of swimming in Barbados.  The Club is affiliated to the Barbados Amateur Swimming Association.  It offers water aerobics for adults, Learn to swim classes for both children and adults and also trains swimmers for competitive activity both at the national and international championship levels.

In an endeavor to encourage swimming Barbados and bring international swimming to Barbados the Club in 2012 put on the first ever program to help promote swimming in the Caribbean  by hosting the Breakout Swim Clinic with three USA Olympic Gold Medalist from London 2012:  Matt Grevers (100 Backstroke), Alyssa Anderson and Christopher Clarke Burkle (Relays) and NCAA Breaststroke Champion Annie Chandler.  It attracted swimmers from around the Caribbean and beyond the as far as Germany.  

In 2013 the club put on it's first International club competitio over 4 days, which saw teams from the Caribbean .  The Meet had 220 Swimmers and now has grown to over 300+ Swimmers and attracted team from USA, UK and Australia.

Titans Aquatic Directors

Founder -Mr. Enrico McConney

Director 2 - Dr. John McConney

Director 3

Name has requested not to be given due to work he/she does. 

Titans Aquatic Executive 2018 -2020

President -Mrs. Greta Walkes

Vice President - Mr. Andre Johnson

Secretary - Mrs. Tamesha Brandford

Treasurer - Mrs. Shirley Hunte

Floor Member 1 - Mr. Michael Reeves

Floor Member 2 - Mr. Gregory Clarke